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Games for Potato PC

Top PC Games to play on a Potato PC

What is a Potato PC?

So a computer becomes a potato PC when games are only playable on their lowest settings. Then there’s the matter of PCs that were never meant to be used for gaming. For example, basic office desktop computers or entry-level laptops that have relatively weak CPUs and low-end integrated GPUs.

You do NOT need a “top gaming pc” or even a “good gaming pc” to play these games. Even a more than 10 years old PC can run these games without issues.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Dual-Core Processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Intel HD 4000

Top PC Games to play on a potato PC.

1-The Witcher (2008) [15Gb]

The Witcher’s story is an unusual one for fantasy. The world is dark and grimy in the way you’d expect actual medieval towns and landscapes to be. It’s full of fear, disease, religious zealotry, and political maneuvering that results in pain for the powerless populace at large. In short, it’s a window into our own world and tries to expose some of the issues that we deal with on a daily basis while still providing players the chance to control an interesting character and participate in an exciting adventure.

It results in some cheesiness as the writers try to shove too many modern day problems into one game. But many of these issues are tackled in a mature fashion and we couldn’t help but be drawn into this flawed but hopeful world.

The Witcher (2008) screenshot1
The Witcher (2008) screenshot2
The Witcher (2008) screenshot3
The Witcher (2008) screenshot4
The Witcher (2008) screenshot5
The Witcher (2008) screenshot6


2-Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) [12Gb]

You begin the game as Alex Mason, a soldier being interrogated for information that he can’t remember. You play through Mason’s memories in search for information. Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, and Gary Oldman deliver expert performances and really nail their respective characters. There are twists, some of which work better than others, and the plot seems to get bogged down and slightly disjointed towards the middle.

But unlike Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops does a wonderful job of cleaning everything up for the finale.

Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot1
Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot2
Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot3
Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot4
Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot5
Call Of Duty Blackops (2010) Screenshot6


3-Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) [10Gb] and Tomb Raider Anniversary

In one of the first of many flashback moments, Lara and her mum begin the game traveling in a small airplane. Suddenly an engine catches on fire and they have to crash land. The two make it through the crash unharmed. But they find themselves in an ancient land with strange iconography and mystical architecture. Then we see Lara activating an ancient artifact and her mother is sucked into a magic vortex that pretty much ends Lara’s childhood on the spot.

The game proper starts soon thereafter in modern times in Bolivia with Lara Croft climbing cliff sides. This is a little reminiscent but a lot less vain than Tom Cruise’s intro to Mission Impossible 2. 

Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot1
Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot2
Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot3
Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot4
Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot5
Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) screenshot6

4-Crysis (2007) [12Gb]

Crysis takes place on a picturesque island paradise lush with vegetation and surrounded by gorgeous blue water. The impressive visuals are so far beyond Far Cry’s that it’s hard to even comprehend what Crytek, given another few years of development time, will be able to come up with. It’s not only the technical aspects that are impressive; it’s the detail of the models, architecture, and textures. Whether it’s the frost on the gun barrels or change in color of the nano-suit for different abilities, the little touches are everywhere.

When we’re staring up through the snow at the oppressive presence of the alien mothership buried in the mountain, wandering through the maze of rock and metal tunnels underneath its surface, tromping through the dense jungle, or simply looking into the face of one of the awesome character models, it’s impossible not to be awed at what Crytek managed to do technically.

Crysis (2007) screenshot1
Crysis (2007) screenshot2
Crysis (2007) screenshot3
Crysis (2007) screenshot4
Crysis (2007) screenshot5
Crysis (2007) screenshot6
Crysis (2007) screenshot7

5-Just Cause 2 (2010) [10Gb]

In Just Cause 2, players take control of the rugged and charming Rico Rodriguez — a field agent for the powerful American agency called… the Agency. Rico is to travel to the beautiful island of Panau in Southeast Asia because his friend and mentor, Tom Sheldon, went missing.

Whether Sheldon is in danger, dead or has gone rogue is not clear, so it’s up to Rico to find out. In the process, Rico must attempt to cause as much chaos as possible on Panau in order to overthrow the current dictator. In order to do that, Rico must assist three criminal factions on the island and take on missions for them, causing chaos and earning money along the way.

Just Cause 2 screenshot1
Just Cause 2 screenshot2
Just Cause 2 screenshot3
Just Cause 2 screenshot4
Just Cause 2 screenshot5
Just Cause 2 screenshot6
Just Cause 2 screenshot7
Just Cause 2 screenshot8

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