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Can a GAMING PC be used for WORK?

Answer is: No, In fact, the graphics card will prevent this. You should never try to do work on a gaming PC. I mean, it is even in the name “GAMING” Work will simply destroy your Gigabytes per frame and you will have to download more.

Furthermore, It has too much RAMS to do work. A REAL work computer will have no more than 2MegaTeraflops of RAM. A gaming computer will have upwards of 400 Petabytes of RAM. This makes the gaming PC clearly inferior.

Gaming PCs also have “SSDs’ and we all know that means they transmit viruses, like Coronavirus to unsuspecting work projects.

a REAL work computer will have an Intel CPU in it. This stands for “intelligent” while “Gaming” PCs have AMDs Which are a blight against gods good, hardworking CPUs. and are only for “gamers” and “Hackers”

Gaming PC used for Work

 Note: This is just humor. The real answer is of course you can use a Gaming PC for work.

Most of the time, a gaming PC can be utilized for work, but it will greatly rely on the type of work you do.
There is no reason why your gaming PC can’t be utilised for work if your work is relatively light and doesn’t require intensive rendering or processing power.

There aren’t many tasks that a gaming PC wouldn’t be able to complete.
If you work in 3D animation or something else that involves rendering incredibly fine frames, a gaming PC might even be the best tool for the task.

The only situation in which you wouldn’t be able to use a gaming PC for work is if your employer or business strongly prohibited it in the terms of your contract.
The following are a few drawbacks to be discussed in light of that:

  • Your gaming PC will have a lot of files that aren’t related to work, which could get disorganized and dirty.
  • It can be very tempting to take extended breaks from work when using your gaming computer.
  • You cannot claim a tax deduction for your gaming PC if you are self-employed and use it for both work and gaming.

The best gaming PCs for work will feature enough storage for work-related files, an SSD for speedy file loading, and enough RAM / DDR4 to handle multitasking or any other work-related task you could find yourself doing.
It should, of course, support gaming.

For the majority of these issues, I have an answer!
I set up a new profile just for work when I use my gaming PC for business.
When I log into that persona, there are no tempting games and only work-related websites are displayed on my desktop and in my browser.

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Source: Eric Paige(Quora)

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