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BEST Budget Gaming PC build at Rs 28000 in 2022

Hey there my fellow Gamers! Hope you are doing well. In this post I am going to tell you about the best cheap/budget gaming PC build that you can build for your one & only passion i.e. GAMING!!!

Now, why I am recommending PC and not gaming consoles like Playstation or Xbox?

Because with a PC you can 

  1. Play unlimited games/titles as you know there are far more games for the PC platform than there is for any consoles.
  2. You get a computer that you can do any productivity tasks like study, play movies, video editing, streaming etc.
  3. After some time in future, you can just upgrade your PC with whichever part(mostly Graphics card for gaming) you want without buying a totally new PC.

    Seems cool right?


Lets get straight into building the best budget PC you have been waiting for...

The most important part for a gaming PC is obviously the Graphics card. 

“But since this is a budget build and the fact that you can play games without a graphics card so I will postpone this to last part of this post.”


The good news right now is that there is a best processor without competition for budget gaming i.e. Intel i3 12100/12100F.

The 12100 has integrated graphics.

Compared to other gen the performance and capabilities of this processor is simply amazing. I did not consider rival AMD new Ryzen 7000 series as the expected integrated graphics is not worth it as the hype and it is expensive. So you can go ahead with this processor without even thinking. Price of 12100 has dropped down to Rs 11500.

Intel Core i3-12100  Specifications

Ram Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS


The above processor supports both DDR4 and the latest DDR5 ram. Consider buying any ram according to your budget and needs. I will suggest a DDR4 ram with 3200MHz speed from Corsair or XPG. They will cost  Rs 2200 for a 8GB single stick. Do not buy DDR5 rams right now as they are still expensive considering their performance.

Motherboard Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS


Available motherboard chipsets from most budget friendly to expensive are H610,H670,B660 and Z690. Consider buying the first 2 chipset based motherboards because Intel mst probably will launch new chipset for 14th Gen onwards. It will be waste of money if you want to upgrade your processor at that time as you would have to buy new motherboard as well. My bias is ASUS but you can buy from any brand. My pick is Asus Prime H610M-E D4 Intel Lga1700 Matx Motherboard (Prime-H610M-E-D4) for Rs 7000.
Asus Prime H610M-E D4 Motherboard
SSD Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS


You must buy a SSD even it has very low storage capacity. You can add another HDD if you need to store other content but for OS(Windows) to run smoothly SSD is highly recommended. My pick is Crucial 250GB P2 NVMe PCIe M.2 Internal SSD(Rs 2800). You can check the specifications and thank me later.
Crucial 250GB P2 M.2 SSD
SMPS Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS

5-SMPS/Power Supply:

My pick is Antec Atom/VP/BP series which ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500. These are quality PSUs considering their price. Do not go for anything more than bronze rated as in the long run, they will not give value according to their price.
Antec VP 550w plus PSU
Cabinet Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS


Go for cabinets with multiple fans and do not buy Ant E-sports as some youtubers suggest against it considering the quality. My pick is Deepcool Matrexx 40 Essential Micro-Atx Cabinet (Dp-Matx-Matrexx40) Rs 3000.
Deepcool Matrexx 40 Essential Cabinet
Graphics card Logo-Best Budget Gaming PC-TechSUS

7-Graphics Card:

Graphics card give value according to their prices and there is not much to consider about. So I will not suggest any particular graphics card but if you want to buy one then considering the recent price drops, you should buy from AMD. Remember that above PC parts are suggested for FullHD(1920*1080p) gaming. Therefore you should buy Graphics card accordingly. Expensive graphics cards will be a waste of money as they are for resolutions higher than FullHD. Do not consider anything above Rs 50000. AMD Radeon Rx 6600xt is a steal considering the price right now.
AMD Radeon Rx 6600xt
Now the Total price for above mentioned PC parts(without graphics card obviously) is Rs 11500+2200+7000+2800+2000+3000= 28500.

The BEST budget Gaming PC build is just Rs 28500!

Thanks for reading and hope this post helps you fulfilling your passion. 
Please leave your suggestions through comments.

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