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20 Best Android Games 2022

20 Best Android Games for 2023

Hey there my fellow Gamers!!! Android gaming has advanced much more quickly than any other technology in the past. Every year, Android gaming seems to progress to new levels. Even free-to-play games are growing better and better, with more and more premium game releases that push the limits of what mobile devices are capable of.
Sincere to say, there are certain games on mobile that are pretty good. Some of these even rival PC and console games or are accessible on both PC and console in addition to mobile.

Here are the top 20 Android games that are currently available, without further ado. These are the finest of the best, so unless something exceptional emerges, the list won’t change very frequently.

1- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

One of the most recognizable games of Castlevania series is now supported on Android smartphones.
Slay the demonic hordes that inhabit the castle and plot to resurrect Dracula by taking control of the vampire Alucard.
An extensive RPG weapon and inventory system with a tonne of special equipment, items, and spells is available in Symphony of the Night.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a Konami classic that is well worth grabbing up because it has a fantastic castle to explore, special skills to unlock, and a long list of gigantic monsters to beat up.

2- Sky: Children of Light

The three critically acclaimed independent art games Flow, Flower, and Journey helped Thatgamecompany establish a name for itself.
Children of Light unquestionably continues that heritage. Holding hands while flying across stages that are open, non-linear, and reminiscent of theme parks is the concept of this family-friendly MMO.
It’s equally charming and exciting. Like in Journey, you can make relationships across nations and languages by using a variety of emotes to communicate non-verbally.

3- Minecraft

The game Minecraft is well-liked by players of all ages throughout the world.
For those who have never played, Minecraft immerses you in a vast environment where you can build, mine, destroy enemies and engage in whatever other activities you choose. There is a survival mode where you must gather your own food and resources as well as a creative mode where you have full access to everything.

Numerous new options and information have been added thanks to frequent upgrades. The game pretty much stands shoulder to shoulder with its PC and console counterparts. Actually, you can engage in multiplayer gaming with users of those platforms.

There are in-app purchases but they are only for things like skin packs that allow for personalization. It’s one of the best survival games on Android in addition to being the best sandbox game.

4- Monument Valley 1 and 2

When Monument Valley 2 was released, it was included once more to the list of best android games. Both games are still top-notch. Of reality, the aesthetics and gameplay in both games are remarkably similar. Escher-style puzzles are encountered along the way, including levels that can be moved to let the player use illusions to finish the course. The Monument Valley series continues to rank among the best mobile games ever, and the premise is still endearing.

The first one costs $3.99 and includes the Forgotten Shores DLC as an optional $1.99 in-app purchase.
Currently, the second game costs $4.99.
You may get both games through the Google Play Pass if you sign up for it.
If you want more choices, check out these other fantastic puzzle games.

5- Genshin Impact

Gacha mechanics are used in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. We selected the match as the finest game of 2020 as well.
It garnered a lot of positive reviews when it was first released for its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay.
Nobody seems to mind that it resembles Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of appearance and gameplay.
The game does have a party structure, and it uses a gacha system like other gachas to let you summon new characters. However, the game feels far less constrained than most of its kind because of the aesthetic components, gameplay mechanics, and entirely open world (which includes a glider).

It should continue to be wonderful for a very long time, barring any errors from the developer. Even though it takes some time to set up at initially, you can play on PC or PlayStation with the same saved data. If you want to see more, there are, of course, other top-notch gacha games here. Similar mechanics may be found in Tower of Fantasy on Google Play, but Genshin does it better.

6- Arena of Valor

Dota 2 and League of Legends totally control the MOBA market on PCs. The playing field is a tiny bit more even on mobile, though. One of the best android mobile RTS games is Tencent’s Arena of Valor, a game from the genuinely odd real-time strategy genre.

7- GRID Autosport

When GRID Autosport debuted in 2019, it quickly rose to the top of the list of Android racing games. A rarity in this market, it is a premium game without in-app purchases or advertising. The game also features a tonne of content to go through, a tonne of cars to unlock, amazing visuals, excellent controls, hardware controller support, and a variety of racing styles.

Although the game is somewhat pricey and lacks a few minor features that racing enthusiasts usually enjoy, it is still among the best racing experiences available on the Play Store. Though not frequently enough to be ideal, it receives enough updates to remain current. Other excellent android racing video games are the Asphalt series and Riptide GP.

8- Chrono Trigger

You may play one of the most recognisable and well-liked RPGs of all time on your Android mobile.
Take part in a time-traveling role-playing game with fluid and tactical action, fantastic sprite-based graphics, and an irresistibly endearing narrative.
The Chrono Trigger game for mobile devices is based on the enhanced Nintendo DS version, which has a considerably better story translation than the SNES original. Because the combat moves more quickly than in a typical turn-based RPG, touch controls may cause frustration.
Chrono Trigger, however, was a ground-breaking role-playing game for its day and is still startlingly captivating today.

9- League of Legends: Wild Rift

A 5v5 MOBA is League of Legends: Wild Rift. There used to be a tonne of these in Mobile, but a handful of them kind of faded away in recent years. Currently, League of Legends: Wild Rift is arguably the best game available. The average match lasts between 15-20 minutes, which is too long for a mobile MOBA. However, the game is enjoyable, wins cannot be purchased, and the creators are dedicated to maintaining the game’s balance.

It’s not flawless. Teams in casual games occasionally aren’t balanced, which is annoying.
But little can be done to change the situation. In a genre where nothing has been reliable for a while, this MOBA is absolutely solid. Of course, if you’re interested, there are additional excellent mobile MOBAs here.

10- Final Fantasy VII

Experience the original game that transformed Final Fantasy from a well-liked JRPG to a beloved cultural institution before you play the high-budget remake on the PlayStation 4.
Although Cloud and his buddies in this mobile version of Final Fantasy VII may not have as many polygons as their console and PC versions, they nonetheless have just as much heart. The plot may now be easily experienced without getting bogged down in combat thanks to new cheat codes.

11- Fortnite

The fact that Fortnite’s battle royales are entirely free to play on mobile is arguably a major factor in the game’s success.
How many students play this version covertly while their teachers aren’t checking on their phones in class?
Manufacturers even promote Fortnite, which is now available on Google Play, as a feature of their high-end smartphones. Just let’s hope that Epic and Google resolve their conflict.

12- Legends of Runeterra

One of the most recent Android games on this list is Legends of Runeterra. It’s an online combat game with a similar focus to Hearthstone. Players assemble decks of cards and heroes that they have collected, then engage in online combat with them.
In general, the gameplay is enjoyable since the game attempts to minimise randomness. There are 24 champions in the game, several playing cards, and you can invite friends to combat with you. Hearthstone dominated this ranking for a while, but now it’s time for a new leader.

13- Gwent: The Witcher Arcade Game

The addicting multiplayer card game Gwent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been rebalanced for Android. It blends brilliant strategy with deck building to give you a wide range of combat and support units. Due to the fact that cards are grouped into factions, in addition to having unique benefits, they also interact with one another to drastically alter how you play a game.
Although Gwent is a free game to play, card kegs for new units can be purchased with real money. As an alternative, you can achieve objectives to gain special currency that you can use to buy new cards.

14- Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a name that comes up frequently when discussing roguelike Metroidvanias because it is a game that established the genre. The controls are perfect because gamepad support was added, and even the touch controls are sufficient to get you through the first few levels. Although death is a constant in this hard game, you’ll gradually advance as you discover new weaponry via your runs.

The game supports high framerates, and those framerates are steady, which makes for a pleasant experience.
There is a tonne of stuff here that should keep the majority of players entertained for 30 hours or more, and there is even some more DLC accessible if you complete the main campaign.

15- Rail Bound

In 2022, the developer of Golf Peaks released Railbound, a new game. The game delivers plenty of refinement, beautiful visuals, and, most importantly, terrific gameplay, much like the developer’s earlier works. To build a path back home is the objective.
You must use some trial and error as you lay down rails to solve each chapter because this is a puzzle game. But the fact that you have to think through each answer and put in the effort to win is what makes the game so fun. So be sure to check out Railbound if you love the developer’s other games; it’s absolutely excellent.

16- Hitman Go

The results speak for themselves—ConcernedApe performed the unthinkable and improved Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons entirely on his own. For good cause, Stardew Valley is a phenomenon and a trendsetter.
One of the best farming and life simulation games ever created. The narrative is excellent, there are hundreds of hours of gaming, and the support is outstanding. Additionally, the UI is simple to adjust to match any screen on which you play, and controller support is included right out of the box.

Even though the multiplayer material is still lacking, the Android port is otherwise excellent.
Clearly, the best option if you’re searching for a welcoming agricultural sim to try out is Stardew Valley.

This environmental puzzle game is still fairly commercialised to this day, with merely an in-app charge for additional content. Monument Valley provided inspiration for a lot of game developers. Despite the fact that there are many copies, the original is still the best.

17- Data Wing

Most individuals don’t find the phrase “free-to-play” appealing. The majority of mobile games are free-to-play and poorly monetized. Data Wing is a true free-to-play game in the truest sense of the word, meaning that it is totally free to play, devoid of adverts and in-app purchases. Even more, the game is a complete joy to play, allowing you to race around simple (yet difficult) maps while listening to wonderful chillwave music.

This free racer is worth playing since it has fantastic graphics, audio, and gameplay and is absolutely free.

18- Rush Rally Origins

With the Rush Rally racing series, Brownmonster Limited has had some success, and the most recent race is among the greatest so far. Similar to Reckless Racing 3 (another fantastic top-down racer), Rush Rally Origins is a top-down racing game that supports both touchscreen and controller input. Things are difficult at first, but as you compete, you gain improvements that are beneficial, and you may then take on increasingly difficult races. Playing the game at 60 frames per second is wonderful if you have a high-end gadget.

Rush Rally Origins is undoubtedly one of the best racers available for the platform and one of the best top-down racers, a specialised genre that is becoming more and more difficult to discover.

19- Spaceteam

Due to the prevalence of smartphones, local multiplayer games are ideal for impromptu gatherings.
By encouraging players to speak Star Trek-style technobabble at one another in order to cooperate and maintain their spaceship operational before time runs out, Spaceteam makes use of that concept.
No other platform could accommodate a game that was that exceptional.

20- Rocket League

Rocket League is a frantic, online multiplayer sport for consoles and PCs that blends soccer, rocket-powered automobiles, and pool. On the other side, Rocket League Sideswipe applies that addictive recipe to the mobile environment. Without compromising the subtlety that makes the original game so captivating, it compresses the action for simpler play on mobile devices. Although the action is presented in a 2D, side-scrolling manner, you are still required to shoot, bounce, or nudge a big soccer ball into your opponent’s goal or hoop. The intricate ball physics and the online, 1v1 and 2v2 matches that present an endless challenge ensure that the gameplay remains deep.

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